• Kester Craig
    Posted June 21, 2019
    Thought of a messed up mind
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  • Romario Jacobson
    Posted June 21, 2019
    Different turns
    No way of knowing
    Which way I'm going
    Pain that comes and goes
    Pain that never leaves
    Wanting to just scream

    The hunger I feel
    And the questions that never get answers
    Questions of Why? What? How?
    Why did this happen to me?
    What do i do now?
    How do I move on?

    Feelings of loneliness
    Needing love form others
    Never seeming to be satisfied

    Afraid to ask...
    Who's fault it this?
    Nobody's fault but my own...right?
    But I had no control
    Debating with myself
    If not my fault then who's?
    No blaming.

    Sorrow for those who are not listened to
    Wanting to be heard...
    But only told...
    'You are too young to understand'
    People telling me to stay young
    But then tell me to grow up?

    Voices telling me to get it together
    put that cute little smile on
    things will be alright...
    But when?

    Solitude inside and out
    wanting to fly away
    sky that is sunny
    but no brightness warms me

    Feels like I'm holding me breathe
    Waiting, watching, but not really seeing
    hoping someone will save me
    Save me from this life of darkness

    (This was just thoughts that I had at one point and then I just put it together)
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