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    June 22, 2019
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    June 22, 2019
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Cerise Doiron

Cerise Doiron

Posted June 22, 2019 | 0 likes 0 comments 234 views | Parenting

Parenting Prayer

Dear Lord,

Help me not to overwhelm my children with unrealistic expectations.

Remind me discipline is for their good – and to always administer it in love – not in anger or purely emotion.

Keep me from dumping my adult problems on them, while helping me be transparent enough for them to learn from my mistakes.

Help me to remember my children’s current age – and respond to them accordingly.

Grant me teachable moments and prompt me to use them to impart uncompromising truth into their life.

Allow me to see my children as the individuals you created them to be and help me encourage them to thrive in your purpose for their life.

Let them see our home as a safe, fun, welcoming environment.

Continually remind me time paces quickly and to embrace and enjoy each season.

Keep building my character so my children have a model to follow.

Above all – let my children know and experience unconditional love.

In Jesus name,