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Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland

As many of you will have seen, just over one week ago Priya, Nades, and their two daughters were separated by guards, bundled into vans, and forced onto a Skytraders plane bound for Sri Lanka.

Grace Llyod

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At 11pm, Priya was violently carried onto the plane (where her children and husband were already locked) from a van on the tarmac. The plane taxied down the runway, and we thought this was the end. On the ground, the protesters at the airport sobbed in each others arms.

Then, ten minutes later, we got word that a federal court judge intervened after they had taken off and granted an emergency injunction while the plane was still in Australian air space, forcing it to land in Darwin. The family were removed from the plane and are currently in accommodation in Darwin. Then, in the middle of the night the family was transported to Christmas Island. They are the only detainees on the island.

Now, the federal court granted an injunction until September 18 so that 2-year-old Tharanicaa’s claim to asylum can be re-considered.

The Ministers have the power to step in and let them stay. They could end all this today. Protesting the family’s departure has afforded us a few days to pressure the Home Affairs Minister to intervene and let this family return to their community in Biloela. This family’s fight is now a national priority.