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  • complimented on elainebselan
    Beautiful Jul 3
  • complimented on Dawn Steele
    Cool Jun 29
  • complimented on lilianabajacove
    Kind Jun 25 The smile that makes everyone happy
  • complimented on EXT FOX
    Brilliant Jun 24 Part of the soul that made EXT - Dulisha is a GENIUS and incredibly noble.
  • complimented on Luis Bio
    Brilliant Jun 22
  • complimented on janicemchildress
    Brilliant Jun 11 Janice is a critical thinker, with a discipline in business system analysis, design and execution. A key player in implementing the necessary complimenting tactics to support complex strategies. EXT - conveys our highest endorsement of Janice Childress
  • complimented on janicemchildress
    Good Jun 11 A person's character is measured, by what you can do for others, who cannot do for you. It is on that note that EXT conveys our highest endorsement of Janice Childress as a Good person.
  • complimented on janicemchildress
    Responsible Jun 11 Janice is a realistic, level headed multitasker. A person who rises above excuses, to deliver for the benefit of the team.
  • Cool Jun 11 Awesome job!
  • complimented on Jorge Cortina
    Good Jun 11 Jorge Cortina has been a mentor to this project for the last 7 years, thank you.