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EXT Social Network


400 + Call / Write REST API, harness the EXT Social Knowledge Utility Token Platform, and create the next generation applications

Utility Token Platform

Advertisements, Subscriptions, @EXT.com emails, .EXT.com Subdomains, Activity Tabulation Work Management System, Editor Proof of Work, 2FA, Semantic Search Economics

T.EXT Messenger

iOS - Android - PWA - Video Chat - Phone - 2G Wifi Emergency Backup, 2FA Wallet, Paypal Integration, Utility Token, Retail Sign up,

@EXT.com Email Address

Your Own @EXT.com Email Address along with a Browser Based Clipping and Video Recording Tool. Welcome to Your New Favorite Knowledge Management Tool

Blockchain Commitment

We believe that our members should own their data, and COMMIT to move our backend infrastructure to the blockchain.

EXT.com Subdomain Development

Through N.EXT - Build your own subdomain application, harness our toolset and community, in fast tracking an idea to market application. What's N.ext ?

Understanding System

We all understand to a unique balance of stimuli. Videos, Channels, Groups, Moderation, Research, News, Events and MORE...

Research on Demand

Research as a Service (RaaS) - Harness our Social Knowledge Network, and Work Management System as New Business Intelligence Tool

Best Practices Navigation

16 Part Modular Intuitive Navigation System, Aimed @ Critical Thinking Problem Solving, Leveraging Social Knowledge Network

EXT Messenger

The official messenger of the EXT.com Social Network - Video Chat. Geo Location, #'s, Stores, Groups, Channels, Photos, REST API, Developer Community, Utility Token Platform. @ext.com Email Address (Reserves Yours)